One question that you may have while going through the process of painting an interior/exterior is “what is the difference between cheaper paint and the more expensive paint?” In the simplest terms: you get what you pay for. Cheap paint will range from $10-20 a gallon and the more expensive paint can range from $50-60 a gallon.

You are clearly going to be able to see the difference in the duration of the two. Cheap paint not only requires more paint layers, but it will not last in changing weather either; especially here in Colorado (Illusion of Kolors Inc. HQ), we experience severe weather changes from day-to-day and at that, being a mile high. Cheap paint tends to fade and crack and if you’ve painted your siding, wood or any other materials on the outside of the building, they can become damaged and eventually you may have to look into replacing pieces of trim or siding.

The biggest benefit of using good quality paint is going to be duration. Two specific types of paint you can keep your eyes peeled for are Duration and Resilience by Sherwin Williams. Resilience is a moisture resistant exterior paint, it develops resistance to moisture in half the time most coatings require.  Duration is an exterior paint that goes on thicker than your average paint. It dries at 7 mil thick (compare to two coats of cheap paint) and can be used on a variety of different materials while protecting the surfaces from any weather changes that may come. Both of these paints also come with Lifetime Limited Warranties against blistering and peeling, so if the paint peels r blisters during the lifetime warranty, Sherwin Williams will supply replacement coatings to repair the damages. So when deciding to purchase good quality paints, such as Resilience and Duration, not only do you have paint that will last but if it doesn’t, it will be replaced!

As you can see, it is easy to understand why the higher quality paint is more expensive and if you are looking to have a paint job that lasts rather than saves you some money, I suggest you go with the high quality paint. It will benefit YOU the most in the end by cutting down possible damage to your home and preventing things such as blistering and peeling of the paint.

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