Exterior paint jobs are usually performed once in a while because homeowners may prefer to paint their property again when the previous coat of paint begins to wear off. If you prefer to paint your property according to that frequency, there is an easy way to you can make your exterior paint job last longer. Use the following easy-to-follow tips to extend the overall service lifespan of your exterior paint jobs. 

Do Careful Surface Preparation

Before you start painting, make sure the surface is free of mildew, dirt, and loose or peeling paint. If you notice bald spots on the wall, it may indicate that there is no paint at all or the paint faded away. To begin the surface preparation process, use a quality sprayer for a mildew elimination solution.

Next, remove any greasy dirt and weathered paint using cleaner, which you can get from paint stores. Afterward, regardless of the cleaning method, rinse thoroughly to remove the surface of cleaner residue. They are alkaline-based and can loosen any paint applied to the surface.

Watch the Weather

To ensure the paint job lasts, you must take into consideration the weather conditions. Use exterior coatings on mild days when temperatures tend to range from 60 to 85 degrees F. This allows the paint or primer to form the best protective dry film, as opposed to doing your paint job in direct sunlight. Under direct sunlight, the paint may evaporate faster, which leads to two outcomes: first, it affects the paint’s ability to flow out and level well or can weaken the bond between the paint molecules and the substrate.

Start With A Coat Of Primer

Priming creates a tackier surface where paint can set more effectively. This reduces the chances of peeling off or blistering. You can apply two or more coats of paint and primer products.

Use Quality Acrylic Latex Paint

Not only is the acrylic latex paint more durable than the ordinary house paint, it is more flexible and has better adhesion and color retention. This type of paint can last over 10 years, compared to lower quality paints.

Apply Thicker Coats

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A thicker coat of paint can provide longer-lasting protection. So, feel free to apply thicker coats of paint without watering it down. 

Apply An Additional Coat Of Paint

Applying an extra coat of paint will thicken the protective finish of your home. This may add a couple of years to its service lifespan.

Take Your Time 

If more coats of paint or primer products need to be applied, take extreme caution with regards to how much time you give every coating to dry. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines if you have any doubts, and be patient to be on the safe side. 

Assess The Paint Work

As you may be trimming your grass every week during the summer season, spend a few extra hours to go around your house to check if there is any indication of a deteriorating paint. With a little maintenance, you may have a chance of lengthening the life span of the paint job by a few more years.

Get The Pro Advantage: Hire Qualified Painting Contractors

To give your home the perfect look, reach out to exterior painters in Denver. With years of experience in this industry, they will do a great job that will spruce up your home. Exterior home painting experts are trained to paint all sorts of buildings. They have all the necessary equipment to do the work professionally. Having said that, maintaining your home’s exterior is an ongoing effort. Great home paint jobs may fail in a few circumstances, so ensure you select a painting service provider who offers a guarantee pertaining to repairing any unforeseen issues that might arise.