Selling your home can be an exciting time where you get to turn the page and start another chapter in your life. But there are some things that make it harder for your home to get sold quickly and for a good price. One of those is poor curb appeal. You can clean up the yard and mow the grass all you want, but if your home’s exterior paint looks worn or patchy, you may have a harder time selling your house. Fortunately, a new coat of paint can make a big difference when you want to get a fair price for your home and get buyers interested in looking at it.

The Return on Investment

The main reason to have your home’s exterior painted before selling is the return on investment you’ll receive. Sellers don’t always want to put money into their homes because they generally just want to sell and move on, but spending some money may be well worth it based on what they get in return. If you have to take a lot less for your home because it doesn’t appeal to buyers, or if your home takes a lot longer to sell because the exterior looks bad, that can cost you money in the long run.

For example, your home probably has a mortgage on it, and every month that it doesn’t sell you’re paying that mortgage. The number of months it takes to sell your home with poor exterior paint may actually cost you more based on your mortgage payments than it would to pay to have your home repainted and get it sold faster. In that case, your return on investment (ROI) becomes very important, and you may even be able to ask significantly more for your home because of its increased level of curb appeal.

Appealing to Buyers

Having a home that appeals to buyers is an important part of selling a house, and if buyers don’t like the way the outside of your home looks, they may not even have any interest in going inside. That can make it hard to get your house sold, but a good, new exterior paint job can really make a difference. By getting a professional to paint your home, you know it will be done right, and will last for a long time. The right kind of paint will be used, and all the prep work will be performed the right way, too. That can improve your house’s chances of selling, even in a down market.

While a clean, freshly painted home doesn’t guarantee a sale, it’s definitely a plus in the books of most buyers. Not only does it look nice, but a smart buyer will realize that exterior commercial painting company in denver is one thing they don’t have to worry about for a while. That means less maintenance or repair when they close on the house, and also means that they won’t be needing to spend as much money right away. Both of those considerations can entice buyers to make an offer on your home, and you can get it sold and move on to whatever comes next for you.

Does the Color Really Matter?

Among the considerations when you’re thinking about having the exterior of your home painted before you sell it is the color. While you may love something bold, it’s best not to look at the house as your home anymore. Instead, focus on what you need to do to sell it. That usually means neutral colors, or something that fits in well with the neighborhood. A cottage on the beach likely wouldn’t be painted the same way as a big house in the suburbs. Take a careful look at what your neighbors have, and then choose something that works well with nearby homes.

At the end of the day, a buyer will choose your house for a multitude of reasons, and the color of the exterior may or may not be a part of that. But in order to reduce the chances of causing a slower sale, you’ll want to choose a color that many buyers would like and that would fit in with what’s expected in that location. It may not be as fun, but you’re looking for a return on your investment and a quick sale, so you need to appeal to the largest number of buyers as much as possible. A neutral color can help you get your home sold more quickly, and perhaps for a bit more money.

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