Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? If you are then you must consider how to add value to it. You may need to retouch or renovate a few parts or replace something that is too old. You definitely want to give it a fresh look too to make it more appealing to your prospects. One of the things you will consider is having the interior and exterior painted.

Repainting your home before putting it up for sale will need careful thinking. In fact, there are specific paint colors that can add to the sale price of your home. Here is a list of what to consider in this regard and which specific parts of the home you must use the particular color for.


Peeling House After Pic

Blue paint color in the bathroom – that is one thing to consider. Take note though that it will be best to go for the lighter blue like soft periwinkle when repainting your bathrooms. Next to a blue bathroom is a blue kitchen. Gone are the days when yellow was once the favorite in this space. Now, you can have the softer hues that combine gray and blue to spruce up this area.

Extend the blue color to the dining room as well. Slate blue and pale gray are very popular choices for buyers looking into this area. Many homes were sold up to $2,000 more with this color in the dining room. Do not forget to paint some blue on your bedroom as well. Keep it light too by choosing cadet blue or light cerulean for your bedroom walls.


You might be concluding (after reading the first part) that blue is the color of choice for almost all parts of the home. For your living room, however, it will be best to have a different paint color though. Soft browns remain to be a strong color contender for home buyers. Your color choices along this line are pale taupe, and light beige. You can also choose to paint your living rooms with ‘oatmeal’ colors.


Greige is actually a mixture of gray and beige. This is a color of choice for painting the home’s exterior. Forget about the tan and beige combination for now because experts say that the greige paint color is in. It does not merely add curb appeal to your home because it does add about $3,500 to its value.

If you are painting most of the interiors with a blue paint though, it will be good to get that same color for your front door. Yes, you do not need to put grey and beige on your door. Create an impact by changing the old color of the front door to blue. You can choose between slate gray and dark navy blue for this fixture.

Planning to sell your home in Denver? These paint colors have become popular over the years and have proven to add more value to homes sold in this color. These colors can add more value to your home too should you plan to sell it in the future. If you want to make sure you will be able to enjoy the benefit of putting this paint colors in your list of considerations then it will be good to get help from exterior painters in Denver.