When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, there are different types of defects that could happen to the paint due to a wide variety of reasons. It’s always important to prepare in advance; here are a couple of the defects you could encounter during your painting period and how to prevent/repair them.

Water Damage/Blistering is caused by moisture getting under the paint creating a blister or bubble. A more specific example is the picture below; on this job-site, water had leaked through the roof and seeped behind the paint creating the paint to bubble and peel. A simple solution would be to make sure that the exterior of the house is waterproofed and there are no leaks.

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Water Damage at a Job Site

Peeling is caused by painting over an unprepared painting surface and the paint fails to adhere to the surface, over time the paint will begin to peel. Fixing a peeling problem is a little more complex. You will have to remove the peeling paint completely by scraping or sanding the surface, if you just tried to paint over it, it would lead to more peeling. Once the old, peeled paint is removed, you can then paint a layer of primer over the surface. The primer layer will help the top coat adhere to the surface properly and prevent other issues as well. Once the primer has dried then the area is now ready for the top coat of exterior paint. Below are before and after pictures of the exterior of a house located in Denver, Co which had been suffering from peeling paint before Illusion of Kolors, Denver’s Exterior Painting company properly prepared, primed and re-painted the surface.

residential painting company in colorado

Peeling Paint on House Before Paint Job

residential painting company in colorado

Peeling Paint on House After Paint Job

Though you only read of a couple of problems here today, there are plenty more which you can gain knowledge on by doing simple research on the internet. If you are looking to repaint the exterior of your home, check out Illusion of Kolors Inc, Exterior painting company in denver! Click the link and visit our fan page Illusion of Kolors Inc. for more pictures of the work we’ve done.