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We Remove the Pain from Exterior Painting!

When it comes to painting the exteriors of your home or office, you cannot go wrong with us. Serving the Broomfield area proudly with our exterior painting services, our motto is simple- to deliver the best.

We are a locally owned company based in Denver and have years of experience in providing a complete range of painting services to the residents of Broomfield, CO. We have the proper licenses and carry full insurance so that you get the services without any problems.

Our painters, or shall we say, artists, are professionally trained, are courteous and always ready to present you with the exceptional service that you deserve. We are no ordinary painting contractors. Our goal is to not just cover your house or office with layers of paint but to add Kolors of joy. From exterior painting to creating custom murals, we aim to adorn your house. We help to spruce it up!                

Why High-Quality Exterior Painting Matters?

Being a painting company in Broomfield, CO, it is our duty to inform you why high-quality exterior painting matters. We have worked with many clients and many of them had same pain points. The paint their previous painter used didn’t last long and made their buildings look ugly.

This is a common myth that all paints are created equal ands the higher priced paint is just a cash grab for suppliers. This is just a myth and has been debunked already. Higher quality paint will go further and look thicker and fuller than the low-cost alternatives. This means that you actually need to buy less paint to get the job done.

And with the usual weather conditions of Colorado, using low-quality paint and hiring inexperienced exterior painters will only lead to higher costs down the road.

We, at Illusion of Kolors, know our local conditions. And using our experience and knowledge, we only apply industry-best painting techniques and choose the highest quality painting materials.

Painting Services We Provide In Broomfield

We cover a colorful spectrum of exterior painting services right here in Broomfield. Not just painting, we also offer other services that help you make building shine brighter than others. Some of these are –

Interior & Exterior Painting
Custom Finishes
Fine Finishes
Custom Artwork
Faux Finishes
Color Matching

And much more…..

Contact Us for Any Exterior Painting in Broomfield

If you need to hire exterior painters in Broomfield or nearby areas, then we are just a message away. To get a free estimate for your project, give us a call at 303.505.2035 or request online.