When was the last time you had the chance to look at what your home needs? Improvement wise, you may need to add “spice” into it. It does not necessarily mean that you need to spend much to get the look that you have always wanted in your home. It can simply mean doing some touchups to your home’s exterior. 

You will be able to identify what your home needs once you have noticed that the exterior looks bland, or one that is lacking in color. New paint colors can accentuate and highlight the exteriors and make it look more inviting especially to friends and family who have always wanted to come in and see what is inside it. Painted accents can definitely add character to your home exterior in a number of ways:

Add color to your entranceway

The front door is always visible from the street. It is the first point with which visitors come in contact with your home. It may have paint on it but always ask if the color highlights the features of other parts of your home. If you notice that it is quite in the same color hue as that of the other parts of your home then now is the time to add a touch of different color into it. Add character to your entranceway with paint shades like black, dark green, and deep red. These extraordinary color choices will definitely spell the difference and make your entranceway a standout. These are considered very practical colors too since they can conceal fingerprints and smudges.

Focus on your shutters as well

Your plain, old shutters may also need some help. This can be a perfect way to add style to your exterior. You can opt to color the shutters with the same color as that of your front door or entranceway. But it is also perfectly fine to choose a different color if you wish to. The main thing to bear in mind herein is to choose a color that complements or contrasts with that of the color of your siding. The choice can be difficult at some point but it is always alright to copy the color you have seen in another home. 

Highlight your home’s special architectural features

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Highlighting will include painting it with accents that will make it a real standout. When you have chosen the right color to accentuate this part of the structure, nothing can ever go wrong. Give them their own color treatment that will definitely enhance your home’s exterior.

Try accentuating the periphery

Make the periphery of your home catchy just by adding a touch of great colors into it. You can paint outdoor furniture with interesting colors. You can also paint your bare, wooden fence with a complementing color choice. Do the same if you have a birdhouse or a doghouse in your backyard. Just don’t go overboard with this and everything will turn out right.

What to bear in mind when choosing colors for your home’s exterior

As you have seen, there are many different ways by which you can use painted accents to add character to your home. Remember to make sure that you check at the colors available at a local paint store or at a home center nearby. There are different color schemes out there that you will be surprised about knowing that they blend well together. Palettes must include those that are similar to your siding then from there, you can choose accent colors to highlight your doors, shutters, and anything else found outside your home.

The best solution to achieve the character you want in your home’s exterior include hiring an exterior painting company in Denver. We are one of the best choices in this regard!